Glorious snow

I don’t know what it is about snow but it seems to make people happy. For children, it’s a delight — whether it’s building snowmen, having snow fights, or getting the sleigh (or tray) out.

I went for a walk in Hampstead Heath via Highgate Cemetery, taking snaps with my phone. The snow on first fall is a good sight, decorating everything in sight. Within a day or two it will turn to slippery slush and treacherous ice. But for now I could enjoy it.

Things look very different in the snow and paths that are familiar can become indistinct. On my walk, I had the odd person asking for directions in the Heath. I was pleasantly surprised how friendly people were. If I make eye contact with someone, I usually smile or say “hello”. The responses can be variable. But this time everyone seemed in good spirit, as if were all sharing a secret.

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