Jackwell Cafe and Guang Hua Digital Plaza

Kerry, #AccordianKerry on Instagram, was the person who befriended lots of people at the Taipei hostel and brought them together. She knew everyone’s story. Formerly a teacher in Canada, Kerry had sold her house and now travelled around, busking where she could. She was in Taipei to see her sons, who lived here. When I … Continue reading / view photos Jackwell Cafe and Guang Hua Digital Plaza

Art and stinky tofu

On another supposedly quiet day, I went to the Fine Arts Museum. It was only whilst writing this post that I saw the museum’s resemblance to the shipping container Starbucks I went to in Hualien a few days ago. The highlight for me was a retrospective of RenĂ© Burri’s work and life. The name rang … Continue reading / view photos Art and stinky tofu

A wooden library in Beitou

On my second day back in Taipei, I took the train to Beitou. Beitou is at the northern end of Taipei and is famous for its hot springs. It still has a Japanese feel to it even though Japan handed over Taiwan to China in 1945. I went to Beitou to chillout at the wooden … Continue reading / view photos A wooden library in Beitou

Return to Taipei

I returned to Taipei after my stay in Hualien. My circumnavigation of Taiwan was complete. I’d initially wondered what I would do for three and a half weeks. Now I realised I needed much more time to see this beautiful country. It repeatedly surprised me. My plan was to take it easy in Taipei, to … Continue reading / view photos Return to Taipei

Yangmingshan National Park

I found it alien that you could take a bus from central Taipei and, an hour later, be surrounded by mountains. Yangmingshan National Park has many trails and hikes for people of all abilities. Determining the bus to take was confusing since everything I read said get the “red 5 bus” to Yangmingshan bus terminal. … Continue reading / view photos Yangmingshan National Park

Taipei 101 observatory

I had a quiet second day in Taipei but continuing the theme from the first full day, I went to another popular site: the Taipei 101 observation deck. I bought a ticket online to bypass the huge queues on the day. I’ve been to a few observation decks, but this was impressive in so many … Continue reading / view photos Taipei 101 observatory

Getting a feel for Taipei

As strange as it may seem, I came to Taiwan because it was in East Asia, where I was travelling on this trip, and not because I’ve always wanted to come here. So, when I arrived, I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew two facts about Taiwan: But that knowledge was of no use … Continue reading / view photos Getting a feel for Taipei