About me


Having done web development at various companies, I finally decided to create my own website. The initial source of this website was my Facebook profile.

When I travelled, I used to write notes. I felt, however, that the notes didn’t capture everything. For a more complete recollection, I needed to combine the notes with my photos (and the occasional video). So, I bought both together on this blog, which is a journal and a reminder to me of things I’ve done.


Here, in no order, are some of my interests: hiking; travel; fitness (especially running and swimming); films (obscure and popular); food and nutrition; taking photos of people, places, and nature; drawing; listening to podcasts; and reading – both fiction and non-fiction. I’ve recently started learning about AI/machine learning. Of course, this is all pretty generic, but I’ll be writing about these and more.


I’ve worked in retail, government, aviation, and finance for many years as an IT developer, systems architect, and CTO. Although managing people and budgets are interesting, I’m especially passionate about programming, even before I studied maths and computing at university.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you find something interesting.