Two parks and a panoramic view

Today, I was due to return to the vegan restaurant that was going to open for me. I decided to do a morning walk in Asahiguoka Park. The ryokan owner again offered to drive me there. I said I was fine to walk and after some back-and-forth, I set off on foot. A few minutes … Continue reading / view photos Two parks and a panoramic view

Sapporo – Hokkaido – Japan!

I got to Seoul’s main airport with plenty of time to look around. Once again, there was some sort of parade going on! The South Koreans love a parade! I’m flying to Sapporo in Hokkaido, a part of Japan I’ve never visited. There are over 14,000 islands in the Japanese archipelago, of which 260 are … Continue reading / view photos Sapporo – Hokkaido – Japan!