Harrison’s Rock

Outdoor climbing – it’s harder than it looks 🙂 View photos Harrison’s Rock

A moon shaped pool

The new album is sounding like another Radiohead classic

Skopje, Macedonia

The only Macedonian words you need to know 🙂

Underbelly Festival

Watching Closer by Circa (http://www.udderbelly.co.uk/whats-on/closer)

Knebworth Woods

The kindness of strangers… I lost my mobile phone today. I was walking with Sara and the Outdoor Adventure Club around a sunny Knebworth looking at the delightful bluebells now out in abundance in many of the surrounding woods. When we’d almost finished the walk, I realised I didn’t have my phone on me. The … Continue reading / view photos Knebworth Woods


The Icelandic gods arranged this on my birthday 🙂

Lumiere London

Lights, camera, … Lumiere London View photos Lumiere London