Dazzling San Francisco

Whether it’s Haight-Ashbury, The Painted Ladies, Pier 39 or another part of San Francisco, you’ll see plenty of colours in shop interiors, street art and architecture. View photos Dazzling San Francisco

The many faces of the Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge seems just like another bridge. As you see it more and more, you begin to realise its elusive quality. Mornings in San Francisco seem to always start with a fog hanging in the air. As the morning progresses, the fog is burned away if the sun does its magic. The Golden Gate … Continue reading / view photos The many faces of the Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco architecture

09 July 2019 23:06 One of the first things I noticed about the housing in San Francisco is how unique each house is. Initially I thought this was a characteristic of one street. The more streets I saw, however, the more I realised that this was true of much of San Francisco and, as I … Continue reading / view photos San Francisco architecture

The streets of San Francisco

In the 1970s there were a lot of police shows, each of which had a distinctive feature or two. Some of the shows that come to mind include: Columbo: raincoat, “Just one more thing” Kojak: lollipop McCloud: cowboy in the city CHiPs: highway patrol Starsky and Hutch: car Banacek: clever crimes Hawaii Five-O: exotic location, … Continue reading / view photos The streets of San Francisco

Tiger Woods stopped my bike ride

Monterey, our final stop before San Francisco, looks like quite an affluent coastal town. There’s a beach there but we mostly walked around Fisherman’s Wharf and Cannery Row (where John Steinbeck’s novel is set). On the second day in Monterey, some of the group did a bike ride, which was supposed to be about 20km. … Continue reading / view photos Tiger Woods stopped my bike ride

Looking at elephant seals and big feet

After leaving Pismo Beach, we drove north along the coast towards Monterey. We stopped to see Morra Rock where this woman told me that she had retired there having lived in San Francisco. The area had ideal weather: the temperature was moderate all year round. The rock, I learnt, is a volcanic plug (the leftover … Continue reading / view photos Looking at elephant seals and big feet

Walking amongst giants

Hiking lets you see three of nature’s wonders: water (sea, river, snow), mountains, and trees. If I had to pick one to hike amongst, it would be trees. I find them magical. I talk to them. And, yes, I hug them too! I feel trees are our companions. When I pass a tree I’ve known … Continue reading / view photos Walking amongst giants

Grand Canyon – Horseshoe Mesa hike

Unlike normal hilly hikes, this one goes down into the Grand Canyon first then you return the same way. This may seem not to make a difference. However, walking down can be strenuous, especially when the path is steep. This meant that ascending was more difficult than if you’d climbed first and descended second. You … Continue reading / view photos Grand Canyon – Horseshoe Mesa hike

Grand Canyon – first view

Our first sighting of the Grand Canyon was in the south near Grandview Point . Your breath is taken away the second you see it. There’s nothing like it. The scale is incredible. It’s understandable why the place is popular with Americans. The best views and hikes for the Grand Canyon seem to be in … Continue reading / view photos Grand Canyon – first view