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Red Fitness in Tibits

Tibits in Regent Street is my favourite restaurant in London. They do this tasty drink called Red Fitness. I’ve managed to recreate it, using my fantastic bargain (£24) 1000W blender from Morrisons. Thanks for recommendation Jigna 🤗. The recipe is: two handfuls of blackcurrant juice of one lemon one apple a chunk of fennel water … Continue reading Red Fitness in Tibits

Yummy chocolate flapjacks

Chocolate flapjacks. Simple to make: dates, oats, vanilla extract, cacao powder, and coconut oil with melted Green and Blacks dark 70% chocolate 😋 For recipe, see

Roast tomatoes and red rice with orange and almonds

Roast tomatoes and red rice with orange and almonds from the excellent Much More Veg by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Running with Kenyans

The Kenyan runner Kipchoge won his third London Marathon yesterday. Coincidentally, I just finished reading Running with Kenyans. I found the book inspiring and the Kenyan love of running infectious. The author of the book went looking for the secret of why Kenyan runners are so good: “For six months I’ve been piecing together the … Continue reading Running with Kenyans

A sensible guide to healthy eating

This is the best summary of healthy eating I’ve read. Read article

The veg kitchen –

They did not know what vegan was. After I explained it, they suggested having unadventurous noodles. Eventually, I had a mixed veg curry with rotl. Unfortunately the chefs put some paneer in it despite the waiter telling them not to. I then got another serving (probably the same with the paneer picked out). The food … Continue reading The veg kitchen –

Eat Like a Kenyan, Run Like a Kenyan

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Three Key Workouts For Ultramarathoners

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