Back in Amsterdam

When I first went to Amsterdam in the 1980s, I expected the Netherlands and its people to be very different from the world I knew – London. I remember sitting outside a bar, looking at the world go by and watching people. I looked at people’s faces and how they looked at and interacted with … Continue reading / view photos Back in Amsterdam

Loving Vincent

Ever since I saw the film Loving Vincent, I’ve liked Van Gogh’s paintings even more. It’s a beautiful film animated in the style of his paintings. When I tried to book a ticket for the Van Gogh museum, it was sold out for several days. The next tickets would be available after I left Amsterdam. … Continue reading / view photos Loving Vincent

Speulderbos Forest hike

On Saturday, I joined Vineet, for a magical, gentle walk through Speulderbos Forest, about 70km east of Amsterdam. I loved the wonky trees and insect carvings. About three-quarters of the way, the skies opened and unleashed two months’ worth of rain! We were soaked to the skin! In the morning, I had a cold shower … Continue reading / view photos Speulderbos Forest hike


With temperatures in the mid-thirties, yesterday was a day not for walking but museums. Even the wind was hot and managed to make me feel warmer! Ever since my first trip to Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum epitomises Amsterdam for me and, in particular, the Night Watch painting there. I remember buying lots of postcards and sticking … Continue reading / view photos Rijksmuseum

Coffee shops

One of the notable changes since my last trip here is the spread of “coffee shops”. People don’t come up to you and whisper “hash brownies” any more. You can now openly buy cannabis-infused food – from chocolate bars to lollipops – that’s packaged to appeal to everyone. Now that cannabis has been approved for … Continue reading / view photos Coffee shops

Remembering my first time in Amsterdam

Like most Indian families in London, when we were growing up, our annual holiday consisted of a day trip to the seaside in a coach. About thirty families descended on Margate or Clacton-on-sea with our homemade curries. That was all we could afford. We really had baaji on the beach. After my first summer job … Continue reading / view photos Remembering my first time in Amsterdam