The most beautiful temple in Korea

I was leaving Busan today and had booked my bus ticket for late afternoon so that I could spend a bit more time here. High on the list of places to visit in Busan is Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. It was about a 50-minute bus journey from my hostel. When you get to the temple, there’s … Continue reading / view photos The most beautiful temple in Korea

Haeparang coastal trail

There’s a scenic linear coastal path that starts at the south-western end of the “Diamond Bridge”. I took the metro to get close to the start then walked the rest of the way. It was a lovely sunny day and being a weekday, there weren’t that many people doing it. On this walk, in contrast … Continue reading / view photos Haeparang coastal trail

Gamcheon culture village

Sometimes popular tourist attractions live up to expectations. Gamcheon culture village is one of those. Its claim to fame is that it has colourful houses and art — and therefore photogenic and highly Instagrammable. The journey to the village (a small town, really) required two buses and took about an hour. I’d read about places … Continue reading / view photos Gamcheon culture village

Exuberance on Gwangalli Beach

Fairly close to where I’m staying (Haeundae) is Gwangandaegyo Bridge. It’s known as the “Diamond Bridge” because it glitters at night. I’d read that the best place to see the bridge was from Gwangalli Beach. After finishing my hike in Daecheon Park, I walked to the bus stop. I saw a small convenience shop that … Continue reading / view photos Exuberance on Gwangalli Beach

Hiking in Daecheon Park

Yesterday, I went into a bakery. There are many here and they sell mostly cakes. The bread is sweet and usually has milk. But there was some wholemeal/sourdough type bread. It was exceptionally good and may have been the best bread I’ve had on this trip. Today, I went back and got some more. After … Continue reading / view photos Hiking in Daecheon Park

Train to Busan

I left Seoul today but will return. My friend from Hong Kong told me that there’s a film about a train to Busan that features zombies. I left the Seoul hostel on time to catch one of several buses for the 10-minute journey to the station. However, there was a lot of traffic, and no … Continue reading / view photos Train to Busan