Now he belongs to the ages

As I neared the end, I slowed down because I knew what was coming and yet didn’t want to believe that it happened. Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biography of Lincoln, Team of Rivals, describes not just Lincoln’s life but also the lives of his political rivals, who would eventually be part of his cabinet to form … Continue reading Now he belongs to the ages


It didn’t seem that long ago when the footballing world said goodbye to Maradona. Now, another footballing great, Pelé, has passed away. Even though we didn’t have a TV at the time, I was too young to watch Brazil winning the 1970 Mexico World Cup. But very soon after, all of us who played football … Continue reading Pelé

Glorious snow

I don’t know what it is about snow but it seems to make people happy. For children, it’s a delight — whether it’s building snowmen, having snow fights, or getting the sleigh (or tray) out. I went for a walk in Hampstead Heath via Highgate Cemetery, taking snaps with my phone. The snow on first … Continue reading / view photos Glorious snow

A hush descends

In 1997, when Diana, Princess of Wales, died, I went into Central London to witness the outpouring of grief that the UK experienced. London had never been so quiet. Earlier today, after the Queen’s death yesterday, I went to Buckingham Palace to join thousands of other people who were there to pay their respects, cover … Continue reading / view photos A hush descends

Food Forever at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens, the botanic gardens in West London, is one of the most relaxing places to spend a day in London. I’ve been a member for a few years now and regularly go there to relax. It’s lovely just to wonder amongst the variety of plants. They also regularly have new exhibitions. I remember enjoying … Continue reading / view photos Food Forever at Kew Gardens

Friendship, connecting, and Chess Valley

After my walk this weekend, I had some random thoughts about friendship and the role the internet plays in connecting people together in various ways, from WhatsApp to Facebook. There are many ways of communicating via the internet and they have emerged for various reasons. There is the obvious need for connection that human beings … Continue reading / view photos Friendship, connecting, and Chess Valley

Queueing for chips in Margate

When we got to Broadstairs (by train) and started to walk to Margate, we realised that the Viking Trail looked familiar. Then we remembered that we had walked the trail in reverse last year! Last year, the UK was coming out of lockdown in May and therefore the beaches and trail were largely deserted. This … Continue reading / view photos Queueing for chips in Margate

Brummie bull

The star of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games‘ opening ceremony was the mechanical bull. Ten metres tall and weighing 2.5 tonnes, it was moved to Centenary Square near the central library during the Games. The bull was due to be dismantled after the Games. However, it has already become a big visitor attraction. Despite appearances, … Continue reading / view photos Brummie bull

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

I vaguely remember visiting Birmingham about 30 years ago. It was dour and uninspiring. If you’ve not been to Birmingham recently, it’s a different place: a modern city with a high percentage of young people. The Commonwealth Games have added a buzz to the UK’s second largest city. The centre looks vibrant, the trams are … Continue reading / view photos Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

Westminster in May

I spent quite a lot of May and early June in Central London. On a walk a couple of months ago, a friend mentioned that the backstreets of Westminster are worth walking around. A few weeks later, we followed the Westminster Hidden London walk. You see many iconic sights: St James (and its Pelicans), the … Continue reading / view photos Westminster in May