Times Square

When I first went to Times Square in 1988, it was a seedy place. You didn’t hang around there long. It was, in some ways, reminiscent of (but worse than) Kings Cross 20 years ago. Many cities around the world have a place or two for tourists to congregate, by day or by night. London … Continue reading / view photos Times Square

Arriving in New York, 2019

My original plan for travelling from San Francisco on the West coast to New York on the East coast was to use trains. I soon realised that, like India, the USA is a very big place. If I’d taken trains, I would have spent considerably more time travelling from place to place. This would have … Continue reading / view photos Arriving in New York, 2019

Notes from New York, 1988

My first and only trip before this one to America was for two weeks in New York in 1988. The World Trade Center, of course, was still standing. How the world has changed. Crime was also far worse. There were about 2,500 murders every year in NY. Now it’s about 550. On the eve of … Continue reading / view photos Notes from New York, 1988