Capital Ring — sections 1, 2

After finishing the London Loop, my friends and I started on the Capital Ring. Both are circular routes around London: the London Loop encircles Greater London and the Capital Ring encircles Inner London. The London Loop is about 242km (150 miles) and the Capital Ring is about 126km (78 miles). Hopefully, the elapsed time for … Continue reading / view photos Capital Ring — sections 1, 2

Glorious snow

I don’t know what it is about snow but it seems to make people happy. For children, it’s a delight — whether it’s building snowmen, having snow fights, or getting the sleigh (or tray) out. I went for a walk in Hampstead Heath via Highgate Cemetery, taking snaps with my phone. The snow on first … Continue reading / view photos Glorious snow

Walking in North London

Last weekend was spent in North London. I forgot how rural it can be. On Saturday, I met a friend for an improvised walk from Finchley Central to Moat Mount and back. Along the way, we popped into the Sail & Anchor Coffee for a light lunch. It turned out to be a friendly small … Continue reading / view photos Walking in North London

Pigs in Notting Hill

This Sunday, in trying to avoid coronavirus-drenched crowds but still wanting to make the most of the British summer, we turned to Stephen Millar’s book, London’s Hidden Walks. We went to Notting Hill. It was an illuminating day. The origins of the name Notting Hill are uncertain. An early version, Knottynghull, was recorded in 1356. … Continue reading / view photos Pigs in Notting Hill

Coal Drops Yard

Interesting new area in Kings Cross. View photos Coal Drops Yard

People’s Vote march

It was a jolly, sunny day for the People’s Vote march today. I don’t know how many people were there (I lost count after 9,527) but Hyde Park Corner was chock-a-block. People around me were in good humour aided by the colourful and funny placards. They ranged from the heavily statistical to the blunt “Brexshit” … Continue reading / view photos People’s Vote march

The Pearly Kings and Queens

The Pearly Kings and Queens were out in force today. They looked majestic as they displayed their glittering mother-of-pearl buttons ornately sown onto their clothes. I was delighted to meet the Pearly King of Islington, my local manor. I learnt today it’s a tradition for the Pearly Kings and Queens to donate food to the … Continue reading / view photos The Pearly Kings and Queens

The Thames at night

The Thames at night is a beautiful sight! Yesterday, there was a lovely sunset you could see from the member’s room at the Tate Modern. Sunsets are one of nature’s gift that you can enjoy almost anywhere and each is unique. View photos The Thames at night

Castles in the sand

Sand castles have come a long way.

London by night

London by night is a beautiful sight 😊 View photos London by night