Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive updates about this blog?

You can receive updates to this site by providing your email on the subscribe page.

Are the posts on books reviews, extracts or summaries?

In some ways, they’re a bit of each. Before I created this blog/journal, I used to copy sections of books I liked into my notebook to serve as a reminder of what I liked about the books. However, when I first created a post with those extracts, it didn’t make much sense. So I weaved the extracts into a narrative, sometimes reordering the text when I felt it fitted the story I wanted to tell.

Now, I sometimes add content from other sources, mainly Wikipedia. Initially, I would quote the bits I’d extracted but it looked very messy. I considered footnotes but I was not writing a thesis for publication! When I do use quotes, they are usually quotes in the book.

To summarise: regardless of whether I use quotes or not, much of what I write in my posts on books is copied from the books and all credit belongs to the authors. I have merely extracted, paraphrased, summarised and glued the text together so that I can remember what I liked about the book.