India itinerary

When in India, I used an app to track where I went. This was primarily for geotagging my camera photos but it gave me a map showing everywhere I went to and how far I travelled. The total distance was about 12,000km. That’s roughly the equivalent of going from John O’Groats to Land’s End ten … Continue reading India itinerary

Goodbye India

Paradoxically, I leave India not because I’m tired of travelling but because I could stay in India for a long time! Having started off being afraid of travelling in India, I’ve become comfortable here. Over time, I’ve found a way to move around with relative ease and comfort, whether it’s by air, train, coach, local … Continue reading / view photos Goodbye India

Mumbai airport

If you’re wondering why I’ve posted so many times today, it’s because I have a 9-hour wait between flights! I’ve taken the opportunity to bring posts up to date. For my final day in Mumbai (and India), I walked around looking at the colonial-era and art deco architecture, and finished off in the bustling Crawford … Continue reading / view photos Mumbai airport

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

The CSMVS, as it’s known, is a museum of the history of India as seen via art, archeology and natural history. It also has exhibits from around the world. It’s a sort of combination between the British Museum and the Natural History Museum in London. My main reason for visiting it was to get some … Continue reading / view photos Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

This curious museum tells the story of India’s people throughout the ages. It animates past lives and living by creating miniature scenes with models, as well as by using more conventional means such as paintings and artefacts from the time. View photos Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Khotachi Wadi

Khotachi Wadi is a heritage village in Mumbai. I decided to walk around the small, quiet alleyways of this small enclave from the 18th century in Mumbai after I’d seen the new Mumbai of high rises. Children and adults played cricket on the streets, as every day life continued around them. They didn’t seem to … Continue reading / view photos Khotachi Wadi

Golden Temple, Amritsar

It was a highlight to have been at the Golden Temple complex. There was an incredible calm atmosphere there. Helene and I were humbled by the experience of Sikhs happy to open their most holy monument and personal spiritual experience to all. To add to that, Sikh temples (gurdwaras) provide free food to people of … Continue reading / view photos Golden Temple, Amritsar

India Pakistan Border, Wagah, Attari

Every day, at the border post between Attari and Wagah, there’s a ceremony to lower national flags and formally close the border between India and Pakistan for the night. To watch what should be a sombre affair, both sides provide seating. The Indian side has a stadium now, with a new tier being built. As … Continue reading / view photos India Pakistan Border, Wagah, Attari


The three and a half hour cab journey to Shimla, full of twists and turns to ascend 2000m, was a dizzying experience. Shimla is built on a mountain side. Its high street is called Mall Road and is at the top of Shimla. Vehicles aren’t allowed on it. The main access road is 100m below … Continue reading / view photos Shimla


My nephew’s wife, Sharon, has an uncle in Chandigarh. Her uncle, Jasbir, and his son, Angad, have given me much advice during this trip, as has Sharon. I’m very grateful to all three. Without their advice, my trip would have been very different. I spoke many times to Jasbir during my trip. His sense of … Continue reading / view photos Chandigarh