Cotswolds – fields of gold

What a treat to spend Easter Sunday hiking in the deserted eastern part of the Cotswolds. The golden yellow of the rapeseed fields was harmoniously complemented by the cloudless blue sky. It was a fairly gentle walk full of features associated with the Cotswolds and the English countryside: luscious green rolling hills, streams, farms, plenty … Continue reading / view photos Cotswolds – fields of gold

The Custard Factory

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. John F Kennedy I’m not sure what the connection with JFK is but there’s a large mosaic mural of him on the way to The Custard Factory, a colourful corner of Birmingham. It’s full of an eclectic mix of shops and … Continue reading / view photos The Custard Factory

Chihuly at Kew Gardens

From now until October 2019, you can see the stunning glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly at Kew Gardens. The photos don’t do the sculptures justice. I wonder how they managed to transport all these fragile sculptures around the world and put them up in various positions around the Gardens. The cherry blossom trees and tulips … Continue reading / view photos Chihuly at Kew Gardens

Creating this Website – Part 3: Customising a theme

Back in Germany

Whilst inter-railing many years ago, the cold got the better of me in Scandinavia. Earlier on the same trip, Pier-Paolo, an Italian I’d met in Oslo, had asked me to go stay with him and his family in Rome. I had said it was too far from Finland, which was where I was heading. A … Continue reading Back in Germany

Creating this Website – Part 2: Customising WordPress

Highgate Cemetery

A few weeks ago, there was an open day at Highgate Cemetery. I hadn’t been there for years. There are many famous people buried there. You can see some of the names in the map below. It was sad to see the Karl Marx tomb, which had recently been defaced twice. It reminded me of … Continue reading / view photos Highgate Cemetery

Creating this Website – Part 1: Getting Started

Coal Drops Yard

Interesting new area in Kings Cross. View photos Coal Drops Yard