Ginza shopping

After visiting Senso-ji, we took the metro to the Ginza shopping district.

Our first stop was to the huge Muji flagship store, not just to browse but to have lunch. This was a simple dish with freshly made tofu.

Itoya is possibly the largest stationary shop in the world. It has eight floors and stocks anything related to stationary — from actual stationary to home office equipment. If you have a stationary fetish (and who doesn’t), you could easily spend a day here.

The third shopping highlight was the largest Uniqlo shop in the world. There are twelve floors!

In between the two shops was a quick visit to the NI-TV Really Big Clock to catch the six o’clock show. The clock is a collaboration between Studio Ghibli’s animation director Miyazaki Hayao and sculptor Kunio Shachimaru. Our Lonely Planet guide describes it as a “fantastic, steampunk-style timepiece beside the entrance to Nippon Television Tower”.

Our final trip of the day was a brief visit to the famous Shibuya Crossing. A few years ago, the junction of Oxford Circus and Regent Street in London gained a similar crossing, allowing people to cross diagonally. This is not the place to meet someone. I overheard a woman telling someone on her phone, “You won’t see me — there are two million people here”!

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