Senso-ji temple

The most visited temple in Tokyo is Senso-ji. The temple was about a 30 minutes’ walk from our hotel. We took the long way round, walking along Sumida River. The sun was out and so were the office workers, having lunch.

We left the river at Asakusa and headed to the Kaminarimon Gate, the most famous of the gates (with its huge lantern) leading to Senso-ji. The god of wind and the god of thunder flank the gate. Beyond the gate is the popular Nakamise-dori Street, full of shops.

Not surprisingly, there were many people visiting the temple, perhaps doubly drawn by the cherry blossom trees scattered around the temple complex.

There are certain rituals that people follow at temples. Money is thrown into various receptacles followed by a prayer. Worshippers might write wishes on bamboo sticks, hoping monks pass on the messages to the appropriate divine authority. The incense cauldron below is surrounded by people waving the health-giving smoke onto themselves.

Insense cauldron

Since my last visit to Japan, there are more people wearing the traditional colourful kimono. Some tourists too have donned the kimonos, with mixed results.

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