Shoeburyness to Southend-on-Sea

It was a lovely day for walking. Sunny but not too warm with a pleasant cooling breeze. Shoeburyness is an hour’s train journey from London. I went with a friend. We didn’t have any firm plans about the route except to walk along the coast. When we got to Shoeburyness, we asked someone which was … Continue reading / view photos Shoeburyness to Southend-on-Sea

Queueing for chips in Margate

When we got to Broadstairs (by train) and started to walk to Margate, we realised that the Viking Trail looked familiar. Then we remembered that we had walked the trail in reverse last year! Last year, the UK was coming out of lockdown in May and therefore the beaches and trail were largely deserted. This … Continue reading / view photos Queueing for chips in Margate

Chips on the beach

Ever since the film Bhaji on the Beach came out, people who’ve seen it know about Indians taking coach trips to the British seaside. During my childhood, our annual holiday consisted of a day-trip to the seaside. The Indian community in North London hired a coach and, once a year, descended on some beach, such … Continue reading / view photos Chips on the beach