Walking in North London

Last weekend was spent in North London. I forgot how rural it can be. On Saturday, I met a friend for an improvised walk from Finchley Central to Moat Mount and back.

Finchley Central circular to Moat Mount walk

Along the way, we popped into the Sail & Anchor Coffee for a light lunch. It turned out to be a friendly small cafe in a community centre/church. There were only snacks but we had brought food for later.

Continuing towards Barnet, we saw horses and sheep. You think you’re in the countryside. There’s a bit of British eccentricity in the form of the Teddy Bear Walk. We wondered how the Teddy Bears stay in a presentable shape and concluded that they must be regularly replaced, especially after a ragged winter.

On Sunday, I went to the Hampstead Heath Kite Festival. I’m fond of kites. When we were young, relatives used to send kites from India to us. Kites were (and may still be) incredibly popular in India. We used to take our kites and fly them on the top of Parliament Hill. Recently, I was given a kite for my birthday and I’m looking forward to reliving my childhood.

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