People’s vote march

It was a jolly, sunny day for the People’s Vote march today. I don’t know how many people were there (I lost count after 9,527) but Hyde Park Corner was chock-a-block. People around me were in good humour aided by the colourful and funny placards. They ranged from the heavily statistical to the blunt “Brexshit” … Continue reading / view photos People’s vote march

Bodyguard in Archway

This morning, I saw a film crew on Dartmouth Park Hill and thought they’ve started filming the new series of Bodyguard. Then I went around the corner and saw an old (1970s?) Ford Granada Police car. It may be a coincidence, or a hint about the new series, or something completely different! (I’m not sure … Continue reading / view photos Bodyguard in Archway

The Pearly Kings and Queens

The Pearly Kings and Queens were out in force today. They looked majestic as they displayed their glittering mother-of-pearl buttons ornately sown onto their clothes. I was delighted to meet the Pearly King of Islington, my local manor. I learnt today it’s a tradition for the Pearly Kings and Queens to donate food to the … Continue reading / view photos The Pearly Kings and Queens

The Thames at night

The Thames at night is a beautiful sight! Yesterday, there was a lovely sunset you could see from the member’s room at the Tate Modern. Sunsets are one of nature’s gift that you can enjoy almost anywhere and each is unique. View photos The Thames at night

Crazy Rich Asians

This romcom hardly puts a foot wrong. Very funny. I haven’t laughed so much since Paddington 2 😊

Open House weekend

Taking advantage of the Open House weekend, I was surprised to see how sumptuous the interior of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is. Imagine going to the office every day and being immersed in all that grandeur! I wonder if you’d get used to it. View photos Open House weekend

Castles in the sand

Sand castles have come a long way.

Temperate House in Kew

Perfect day for a picnic at Kew and to see the renovated Temperate House with the friendly giant gardener!

Running with Kenyans

The Kenyan runner Kipchoge won his third London Marathon yesterday. Coincidentally, I just finished reading Running with Kenyans. I found the book inspiring and the Kenyan love of running infectious. The author of the book went looking for the secret of why Kenyan runners are so good: “For six months I’ve been piecing together the … Continue reading Running with Kenyans

Vaccine Race

This is a fascinating and easily digestible book about vaccines and a timely reminder of how they have saved millions of lives and prevented lifelong debilitating illnesses.