teamLab Planets Tokyo

When I was in Kakunodate, a German woman I met was raving about teamLab. She had been to many around the world. I had vaguely heard of it but her description fascinated me.

When I knew my arrival date in Tokyo, I went online to book it. I expected it to be fully booked but it wasn’t.

It’s difficult to describe what teamLab Planets is because it is largely a sensory experience. You see colourful light projections; feel different textures; scramble and crawl across a room full of giant beanbags struggling to stay upright; are bare footed some of the time, and, at other times, lying down on your back looking at the universe or descending artificial plants. At one point, after you walk through water, towels are waiting for you to dry your feet before you go to the next room.

I’ve never experienced anything like it. Not knowing what awaited you in the next room added to the wonder. I was on my own but I’d recommend going with at least one other person so you can share your reaction.

Opposite the teamLab entrance, and the only other place around, is a vegan ramen takeaway. That’s the only food available and pretty much everyone was buying something here. The ramen was incredibly flavoursome, and I enjoyed every bite and slurp, the more so because I was hungry. Being quite full didn’t stop me having the chocolate ice cream!

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