Farm Tomita

Yesterday, the ryokan owner said that she would drive me to the Blue Lake near Biei, about 40 minutes by car. However, it turns out that the blue lake isn’t always blue. It’s temperamental and its colour depends on the weather. Since we had rain overnight, it wasn’t blue today. The ryokan owner asked if she could drive me elsewhere.

I had spoken to a couple from Singapore last night in the ryokan. They had driven around looking for fields of flowers, something the region is renowned for in summer. It was too early in the year for all fields to be in bloom, but they had found one flowery place: Farm Tomita.

I too had planned to go to one of the fields of colour. So, instead of the Blue Lake, I asked the ryokan owner if she could drive me to Farm Tomita.

There were three coaches parked in the farm when we got there. There is usually lots of lavender on the farms, but it was a bit early for that. There was, however, a lot of lavender-coloured staff uniforms and vehicles on the farm.

One of the fields at Farm Tomita did have lavender and other flowers. There must be a race amongst farms to get the first blooms because that’s what attracts the late spring tourists. The fields were pretty. You could see other flowers emerging and they would look glorious when they blossomed.

Farano has managed to attract tourists all year round. The attraction of flowers in summer is complemented by the surrounding ski slopes in winter.

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