Nanzen-ji temple

Breakfast at our ryokan was good. There was a choice of Japanese or Western. Here’s an example of both:

We walked to Nanzen-ji temple via Maruyama Park. I never tire of having another look at the cherry blossom trees there.

Nanzen-ji temple, built in the 13th century, is another temple that was burnt. Unlike Chion-ji, Nanzen-ji burnt down three times. The current building stands from the 17th century and in the 19th century an aqueduct was built, running through the temple grounds.

Although not considered one of the great five Zen temples of Kyoto, it has a beautiful Zen garden — those gardens that are made by humans but look like nature’s creation.

On our way back to the ryokan, we found an Italian pizza restaurant. It was our first bit of Western food since arriving in Japan.

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