Chion-ji temple

Although rain was forecast for much of our time in Kyoto, we had two spells — the first was a downpour, which we escaped in the lovely coffee shop and the second was drizzly, when we went to Chion-ji Buddhist temple.

The cherry blossom was still in full swing. Even the intermittent drizzle couldn’t take away the cheer and sparkle the trees added to surroundings.

Chion-ji, apparently, has the largest temple gate in the region. The most prominent feature we liked, however, was the giant bell with its supporting structure.

Originally built in the 13th century, Chion-ji was rebuilt in the 17th century after some of the buildings on the site burnt down.

After visiting the temple, we went to Zirael, one of the few vegan restaurants we could find in Kyoto. It was a simple salad. Sometimes, when travelling, simple food is good! This salad had a variety of nutritious ingredients and tasted good too.

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