The Getty Center

The first place I went to in LA was The Getty Center, which was quite far from my hostel. To save time, I got a taxi.

The centrepiece of The Getty Center is the museum, which has an extensive art collection from around the world.

The funding for the museum came from J Paul Getty, who made his fortune in the oil industry. He never lived to see the opening of the Center but some of the art there was previously in his homes.

To create the Center, a whole mountain was bought! The Center is completely free to visit. There is no charge for the tours or even the audio guides.

Apart from the museum, I especially liked the grounds and architecture. A lot of effort goes into maintaining it. I expected to spend a couple of hours at the Center but ended up staying the whole day. It’s a beautiful place.

On my return, I took a bus (there was no rush) and got talking to another hobby photographer. We exchanged notes and connected on Facebook.

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