LA LA Land

Goodbye San Francisco, hello Los Angeles!

A direct flight took me to Los Angeles and a bus ride from the airport got me to the Freehand hostel.

The Freehand hostel is more like a hotel than a hostel. Its lounge, bar and restaurant are open to the public.

The dorms are like small booths – quite self-contained (power socket, lamp, curtain) and therefore reasonably private.

When I ventured out on the first evening, I saw a long queue of young, fashionably dressed people queueing to get into the hostel. I later learnt that there is a rooftop pool area that becomes a bar in the evening and is incredibly popular. Somehow, I’d ended up staying in one of the hippest places in town.

I ate at a vegan diner around the corner called Modern Times Dankness Dojo. I had a Beyond Meat burger, which was pretty tasty and probably quite calorific.

In the diner, the waitress was from Chicago. I was tentatively planning to go to Chicago after my probable next stop, Austin Texas. When she learnt about my travels, she kindly wrote a list for things to do in Chicago and areas to avoid.

On my return to the hostel, I ventured to the 13th floor to look at what young fashionable people do in Los Angeles. It was very crowded, with barely standing room. I took some photos of the Los Angeles skyline and went to bed.

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