Top Station, Munnar

One of the notable things about Munnar’s town centre is that it’s totally uninteresting! If you were parachuted in blindfolded, you’d be completely unaware that it was surrounded by an incredibly picturesque landscape.

So it was with great relief that I escaped the centre again to ascend to Top Station at 1800m. Top Station’s name comes not from someone’s favourable view of the Station, but rather that it was the topmost location of an aerial ropeway used to transport tea. Now it’s a viewpoint and tourist attraction.

As we were ascending, it was likely there would be no views. And sure enough when we got to the top we were engulfed in cloud and mist. You can’t win them all 😊

Making a virtue out of an unchangeable reality, I remembered that the pleasure is the journey not the destination 😄. So, I was fortunate that the journey up produced many fantastic views. It was hard whittling hundreds of photos down to these.

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