Tomorrow we can be different, better

After yesterday’s backwaters trip, I returned to yoga this morning. You’ll be pleased to hear that there was no reappearance of the Crown Jewels 😅.

After yoga and breakfast, I went for a haircut at the corner barbershop. The barber asked whether I wanted a medium length cut and I said short for the back and sides since that grows faster – well, to be accurate, that’s growing as opposed to the top, which is disappearing! After shaving the back and sides, he started some elaborate work on top; some gel might have appeared too. I thought he’s actually trying to hide the fact that I’m thinning on top – I’m going to end up with some intricate comb-over! So I said to him, I’m too old to be vain, please cut the top short as well. He didn’t look happy. As he shaved away, I thought it must give barbers a sense of professional pride to do so much with so little. This was confirmed when he finished and I paid my £1.25: he gave a half-apologetic smile and looked like that rare conscientious professional who felt he hadn’t earnt his fee!

Newly shorn, I’m ready for Fort Kochi’s New Year’s Eve celebrations this evening. I wonder what it will be like.


Finally: best wishes for the New Year! If the year hasn’t gone well for you, tomorrow’s another day. No one may know what you’ve gone through but I hope you find comfort.

Tomorrow we can be different, better. A day when we can stop dwelling on the past or fearing the future. A day to live in the present and enjoy it. Life is for living; it might be the only life we have. Life has a habit of surprising us. I hope the New Year gives you many welcome surprises 🤗❤️

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