Kerala Kathakali Centre – drama and dance

To continue my touristy day – I went in the evening for a double bill of Indian dance and drama.

The dance was enjoyable and different from the Indian dance I’ve seen before. You can see two snippets below.

The drama, however was out of this world. I didn’t know whether to be serious or laugh. The audience was mystified. It was a reenactment of a scene from The Mahabharata and featured these huge camp figures with long silver nails on one hand and who did a lot of their acting (intentionally, we were told) through their eyes! Come to think of it, there was a lot going on with the eyes during the dance too 🤔

I’ve attached a video for you to see for yourself.

I couldn’t get enough of the drummer in the back left corner. I don’t know how he produced the sound but it was mesmerising 😄

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