Meeting Indian tourists in Hampi

This man looked so genial, elegant and dashing with his walking stick that I asked him if I could take his photo. He happily said yes and having taken the photo, I realised he was in the shade. So I cheekily asked him if he could stand in the sun! He obligingly moved and struck several poses! We hugged then laughed as we and his family looked at the photos and his poses. As I said goodbye, he flexed his arms so that everyone had no doubts about his physical prowess 😄

After that, two other men wanted their photos taken too. As I was walking, some monkeys appeared and I was going to take a photo when I realised how this could be interpreted! Perhaps a little cultural oversensitivity on my part: they’d probably just have laughed.

I did take my first monkey photo earlier in the day, quite appropriately, as I climbed the 574 steps to the Hanuman Temple, which many believe to be the birthplace of Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god.

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