London Loop — section 9

This was my concluding section of the London Loop, from Kingston to Hatton Cross, a total of 16km. I’d started the 242km walk three years ago!

Since my fellow London Loop walker had finished, I went with another friend. We were lucky to have such a beautiful day.

I’d never been to Bushy Park, the second largest of the Royal Parks. It’s stunning and peaceful — as was the Waterhouse Woodland Gardens. You feel you’re outside of London. I made a note to return here to explore more of the park.

We were surrounded by deer, some of whom were noisy because it was rutting season. There were quite a few photographers, with their massive zoom lenses, who’d come especially for the deer.

The whole walk had many scenic views; another was Chestnut Avenue, conceived by Sir Christopher Wren (probably most famous for St Paul’s Cathedral).

The rest of the walk was equally attractive. We stopped many times, sometimes to eat, or have coffee, or just admire the views. This section of the London Loop was not to be rushed!

The final highlight before heading for Hatton Cross station (and the planes flying just over our heads as they arrived at or left Heathrow airport) was Shot Tower. It was part of a windmill used to pump water. Since it was open, we walked up to the top for the views around the River Crane. After walking back down, we took several scenic diversions around the tower, including Crane Park and the surrounding small islands.

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