Isle of Skye

Going to experience the breathtaking beauty of Scotland is becoming an annual event. Two years ago, we went to a deserted island, Shuna. Last year, we went to the stunning West Highlands, starting in Kingussie. And this year, we’re exploring the Isle of Skye and Outer Hebrides.

As usual, we took the sleeper train from Euston, London. We woke up in Fort William, Scotland!

A friend greeted us at the station. He had driven to Fort William from Dorset. He’d come to Scotland to investigate his family history.

The drive to Broadford on Skye was stunning. One of the highlights was Eilean Donan Castle, an iconic and popular destination. It’s a 13th century castle in the Highlands and rests at the junction of three lochs.

When we reached Broadford, we checked into the shepherd’s hut we were staying in. We then went for a short walk around Broadford and Corry.

We were lucky to time the walk right and saw the sunset behind us light up the hills. It reminded me of the Great Outdoors in the USA!

Highland cows are a lovely sight! At one point, this one was standing several metres from me, on the other side of a fence. She was very still. Gradually, I coaxed her to come towards me. She plodded over — probably because of her weight. When she eventually reached me, I stroked her for a while before we moved on.

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