Dogs in strollers

In East Asia, especially Japan, it seems that there are more dogs in strollers, being carried, or on a motorbike than walking on their own four feet.

I’m not sure how the pram/stroller thing started. Do they exercise the dogs so little that they can no longer go for walks and must be carried around? Or maybe they’re wheeled to parks, allowed to play, then wheeled back home?

I had to be careful when taking the photos because I didn’t want to disturb the dogs. Sometimes, however, the owner would see me and get the dog to pose! This motorcyclist couldn’t quite get her little one to look at my camera.

Sometimes, the dogs would be left outside a building, on their own. This beauty was waiting for their owner, who’d popped into the library.

And if they are on four feet, they might be wearing booties!

My favourite was this fluffball in Kyoto. It wasn’t clear there was a body behind the head. Seeing how smitten I was, the owners let me take some photos. They stepped back a couple of metres and the poor thing became quite agitated, immediately suffering separation anxiety. I took a few quick photos before letting them reunite.

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