EWHA Womans University Museum, Gangnam, and Itaewon

My hostel is next to the EWHA Womans University. I’d not ventured to look at the university but today I did. There’s a small museum in the university. The campus looks like a beautiful place to study.

Gangnam is now famous. It’s a large district and one of the most expensive places to live in Seoul. It’s full of expensive brands.

I went to a mall, which housed the Starfield Library. It’s one of the best looking and least useful libraries in the world! Most of the books are unreachable. The design is for the Instagram generation not to act as a public library. There were lots of people taking selfies although there are places to study if you can concentrate with all that’s going on around you.

My final stop was Itaewon, another neighbourhood with small cafes and independent shops. It’s very much the place foreigners live. I saw plenty of them. As a result, there are shops for foreigners.

Yesterday, I tried to eat at a place called the Plant Cafe near Hongdae. It was closed. Today, I went to the Itaewon branch and had a simple burger and fries. They were good! Most of the diners were foreigners and the price of the food reflected that by being on the higher side.

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