Library, ruins, and Guardians of the Galaxy

I was intending to take it easy in Macao. Life moved at a slower pace than Hong Kong.

For my first full day, I headed for the Sir Robert Ho Tung Library. Built in the 19th century, it was bought by a wealthy Hong Kong businessman in 1918. When he died, he donated the building to the Macao government for use as a public library.

Next to the library is the tranquil St Augustine’s Square, where I sat for a while.

The next place I wanted to visit is probably the most popular visitor attraction: the Ruins of St Paul’s. It refers to the front of what remains of a church, which was part of St Paul’s College, the first western-styled university in the Far East. A fire in 1835 destroyed the college and church. Only the facade remained.

I headed to Senado Square. It was hot and humid.

The previous day I’d walked past a cinema. It was showing Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in English with Chinese subtitles. So, I went to see the film. It was good fun. However, I emerged with about four mosquito bites. They, or more likely it, had had a good time too!

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