From circular escalators to dim sum

My Hongkongese friend and I met up to go for a walk. On the way to the start, we went through a shopping mall that had a curved escalator. I wondered why I’d never seen one before. On a normal escalator, as the steps disappear, they go beneath and are parallel to the visible escalator and emerge at the other end. This isn’t possible on a curved escalator. So, I looked around and saw another curved escalator going in the opposite direction. The steps, instead of going under the escalator went to the adjacent escalator. Together, both escalators formed a large circle. They were a partially visible merry-go-round!

Our walk started with the Wan Chai Green Trail and went up to Orchid Valley, which was a steep climb. But there were good views ascending and descending

On descending, we went to Forsgate Conservatory. It was a well-maintained little botanical garden, in which there were humid and arid sections. Some of the cacti came up to your knee. They were huge!

We finally ended up in Hong Kong Park, which is a good escape at any time from hectic Hong Kong.

For an early dinner, we went to LochCha. It’s a traditional tea place and serves vegan dim sum too. Both were good. When we’d finished eating, a calligraphy class started in an adjacent room. I wished we could have joined after my calligraphy attempt in Taiwan. Alas, even if we could, the class was in Chinese.

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