A stroll from Lower Diabaig

The day started with us watching the Queen’s funeral. It was an unprecedented event in our life times: the death of a monarch. As we watched, we observed that the Queen had reigned for our entire lives. Regardless of whether you supported a republic or monarchy, it was difficult not to be moved by the funeral service. The closing of the BBC broadcast was presented by Kirsty Young. She is the consummate presenter: smart, empathetic, insightful and warm. Her closing words, as she held back tears, were incredibly poignant and I suspect brought many people to (more) tears.

In the afternoon, Cath and I did a short walk from Lower Diabaig with breathtaking views of Loch Torridon.

Lower Diabaig to Craig

On this walk, we met two cyclists who were ostensibly cycling together but were separated by ten minutes because of their different abilities. The terrain, easy to walk, was not so easy to cycle. When we saw the slower cyclist, he had damaged his bike and was pushing it. From their eventual rendezvous point, they still had a long cycle ahead. We’re not sure what they did.

On the return drive, we passed through Inveralligin. Nearby, there was a lovely community allotment where you could pick your own potatoes, strawberries, leeks, rhubarb, herbs and many other fruit and veg. You just had to weight what you picked and pay for it. No one was there: you were trusted.

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