Walking along Loch Damh

Before we got to Scotland, we had done a big online food shop for the week. One of the supermarkets delivered orders at the Torridon community centre twice a week. There must have been sufficient local demand to make the delivery because, our cottage owner told us, the driver had an hour’s journey to get to Torridon. Once the driver arrives at the community centre, you have a two-hour window to pick up your shopping. This is different from London, where they deliver to your home. After we picked up the shopping, we were pleasantly surprised most items we’d ordered were in stock even though this was a remote location.

There were many walks available to us from the cottage at Torridon. Helene was recovering from a broken ankle and could do only short walks. So Cath and I set out for a walk along Loch Damh, which was a gentle walk that allowed us to see the surrounding mountains from a different angle.

Lock Damh walk

The walk was uneventful apart from a couple who seemed to be going backwards and forwards.

The morning was atmospheric. The promised rain didn’t come until we returned to the cottage. Having got back, we rested for a short while and then Helene felt she could do a short walk from the cottage. By this time the rain had stopped.

Badan Mhugaidh circular walk

The walk was fairly flat but even slight undulations put a strain on Helene’s recovering ankle (the boot had recently come off). With a quarter of our intended walk still to do, Helene’s ankle felt sore. So Cath walked back and brought the car.

After we returned, we rested for the rest of the day. It was a gentle start to our stay in Torridon.

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  1. Loving your trips to my home country Praful! Beautiful images of a wonderful country – thank you!
    I definitely need a return visit sooner than later…

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