London Loop – sections 12, 13, 14

Yesterday, we tackled three sections of the London Loop since they were all fairly short.

London Loop, sections 12-14 walk

Section 12 started in Uxbridge, which has brightened up since my last visit a few years ago.

The station itself has stained glass windows near the entrance. There’s also a fine vintage cigarette machine in the station.

From Uxbridge tube station, you’re a short walk away from the Grand Union Canal. The canal was built in 1789 to link London and Birmingham. It’s curious to think that during lockdown, I was doing my morning runs along the Birmingham end of the canal.

We were lucky again and blessed with fine weather for the walk. The canal was mostly clear with the odd cyclist and mother with pushchair.

Section 13 leaves the canal and heads east, taking in the countryside, ancient woodland and a pub that dates back to 1728. Again, we saw some horses, who traipsed across the field to say hello. After feeding them, we continued and they traced our route along their side of the fence, probably hoping there was more grass on offer.

The final short section 14, which returned us to our starting point last week (Hatch End), consisted of more woodland and some farmland, the highlight being the ancient Oxhey Woods.

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