London Loop – section 15

For the section from Hatch End to Elstree and Borehamwood, our group expanded from two to four hikers.

This walk was quite something. For the first quarter, we had cloudy weather but it soon picked up and the sun came out to shine on some lovely views.

London Loop, section 15 walk

The group was still small enough to make some unplanned elongated stops, something a bit more tricky on organised walks.

The horses we saw were too friendly to ignore. I lured them over with some tasty grass and spent a disproportionate amount of time feeding them whilst the rest took photos and stroked them.

We chilled out at the Aldenham Reservoir for longer than planned but it was relaxing sitting on the ledge, eating, talking, and looking at the view. We also did a quick detour to the Hindu temple near Stanmore, which one of our group helped build as a child labourer.

We were so enamoured with the lakes near Stanmore Common, we dubbed the unnamed area the Stanmore Lake District! You would not believe such a peaceful corner existed in Stanmore without seeing it. We were regularly surprised how urban paths turned into country views at the turn of a corner.

One of the more curious sights was a modern mansion. Its centrepiece was a large window with a view out onto the road. The two chairs (presumably for the owners) looked like thrones with birdcage-like headrests!

After we got to the end of section 15, we repeated some of section 16 (you’ve got to live a little) and finished at Mill Hill Broadway Station. Either we were tired or that station must be the most hidden we’ve come across. Even as we stood outside it, we wondered where the entrance was. Google Maps and the trains above told us we were in the right place. It turned out to be under the bridge/car park/bus depot in the corner with no sign whatsoever.

There were so many beautiful sights, including lovely woodland, that I’m amazed more people don’t rave about this walk, the start of which is easily reached on the London Overground.

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