Running along Lake Michigan

My final day in Chicago started like so many of my days that week: with a run along Lake Michigan. The Lake is so big that you feel you’re running beside the ocean.

I joined other runners, as well as early morning walkers and cyclists. The temperature regularly was over 30c that week. Therefore, you have to get out early for a run. Being early usually meant the light was good for photography. This morning I took my camera. The further you ran from the centre, the better the panoramic views of the city skyline.

I loved doing this morning run. There’s something about running in a place – familiar or not – that makes you feel part of the city.

I was sad to be leaving Chicago later today. I could have spent more days there. I liked so many things about it. I’ve already written about Frank Lloyd Wright, who exemplifies all that’s great about this city of architecture. There’s also good public transport, a central library at the heart of the community, the people, the urban planning that puts people first, the festivals and the live music. Of all the cities I’d been to on this trip (Boston and New York were still to come), Chicago was most reminiscent of the best of London.

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