Golden Gate Park

The lungs of San Francisco are in Golden Gate Park. I found myself often gravitating towards it. It’s a huge park at the city’s centre.

In the park, there is the de Young art museum, a botanical gardens, a Japanese garden, the California Academy of Sciences, a conservatory, buffalo (!), and two windmills (a gift from the Dutch)!

Whilst taking a path to the California Academy of Sciences, I noticed a bird was being especially territorial. As I continued walking, I felt a flap near my left ear. Not seeing anything, I thought to myself some bird had come rather close and thought nothing further of it. A short while later, I heard a woman screaming. That territorial bird was flapping around her head, chasing her off the path!

To get to the park, I climbed Corona Heights Park, Buena Vista Park, and walked along the Bohemian Haight-Ashbury, which is filled with street art and shops designed to appeal to the hippie in you.

At Buena Vista Park, I saw my only hummingbird on this trip (so far). I still marvel at how it suspends itself in mid-air whilst feeding.

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