East Side Gallery

We couldn’t pass the opportunity to take part in the relatively nascent and only parkrun in Berlin. So it was an early start and a couple of metro lines to get us to join about 100 people (including many Brits) at the Hasenheide Park. We could have been back in the UK. Dressed in running kit, we did get odd looks on the metro.

In the afternoon, it was time for our first proper visit to the East. The highlight was the East Side Gallery, an inner kilometre wall with works by international artists after the fall of the Wall.

I was pleasantly surprised that Berlin is very veggie and vegan friendly. There are over 40 restaurant veggie/vegan restaurants. Many non-veg places have veggie options. There’s even a vegan supermarket chain, Veganz, with three stores!

By luck, after leaving the East Side Gallery, we came across a Veganz store. We bought some food there then headed for the Stasi Museum further east.

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