Mount Abu

I’ve spent a couple days in Mount Abu. I managed to stay at the Brahma Kumaris retreat. I met briefly their leader – the second “deity” in a month. The good news was that they provided decent Indian food.

Mount Abu has two attractions. The first are the Dilwara (Jain) temples, which are even more intricately carved than the one at Ranakpur. Alas, you have to deposit your cameras and phones at the entrance. So I have no photos.

The second attraction is Nakki Lake. Here the road builders have made a concession to pedestrians. You can actually walk around the lake.

There is something strange going on with transport here that I’ve not managed to work out: there are no rickshaws. Instead there are tiny low trolleys, which are advertised as rickshaws but instead are pushed around by one or two people depending on the weight of the people in the trolley. It may be coincidence but horns are not being honked as much here so it’s more peaceful.

To compensate, there are horses available for transporting you around.

Mount Abu is at 1000m. Despite that, it looks tropical. That doesn’t stop the temperatures plummeting at night to 13c. There is no central heating or any other type of heating. It’s a luxury that most people can’t afford or wouldn’t probably have because it’s usually warm. Therefore, indoors, people are dressed for winter, wearing hats, gloves and coats.

Fortunately, there are thick blankets in the bedrooms.

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