There was a perfect blue-sky for a day trip to Chittorgarh – the fort (garh) at Chittor. It’s the largest fort complex in India and rises from the plains of the valley that seem to go on forever. It looks like an island 6km long and elevated 150m from the ground. The origins of the fort go back to the 7th century.

As I looked at some of the intricate carvings on a temple, I was reminded about another monument, in which those doing the carving were paid according to how much dust they collected! The idea being that the more dust you collected, the more intricate your carving!

It is an interesting contrast that in India, temples have erotic carvings and sculptures and in Christian buildings, and perhaps Christianity generally, there are no signs of eroticism. In fact, you could say, Christianity has had sexuality removed. Even Jesus’s conception involved no sex!

I have got so used to South Indian food that when we stopped for lunch, I asked for a plain dosa – to which they replied that they don’t do South Indian food! So it was rice and daal for me.

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