Brilliant Mysore Palace

Here are some lights for the festive season! I hope you find some peace and calm, or whatever gives you joy, at this time of the year.

Every Sunday 100,000 bulbs come on at Mysore Palace. I specifically stayed until today to see this. When the lights came on at 7, the crowd gasped. It was breathtaking!

As if that wasn’t enough, there was an excellent Indian music concert. I asked the person next to me if he knew how I could buy a CD of the music. He asked me what I liked about it and I replied that I liked the rhythm and melody. He couldn’t quite understand how anyone could like the music without understanding the words! There was one particular song with upbeat music and the singer was making elephant and bird noises! I asked him what the song was about and he replied it was a very sad song! I couldn’t understand how animal noises could add pathos to a song rather than a comedic touch!

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