My first train

After the sleepless sleeper/rollercoaster coach journey to Hampi, I decided to return by train to Goa. I have already travelled within India by car, motorbike, rickshaw, coach, and plane in the 2.5 weeks I’ve been here.

The train was due at 0620. However the expected time soon changed to 0750 – 90 mins late!

I spent the time talking to an English couple and German woman. I asked the latter, if ever there was a country that was the polar opposite of Germany, could it be India? πŸ˜‰

The train did actually sheepishly make an appearance about 0800.

You can see my seat on the right with the rucksack and man bag. The whole bottom couch/bed seemed to be split in two. You can see one half of it in the photo. Above my seat, it said 17 and next to mine, 18. After an hour, I noticed there was a little arrow pointing down for the 17 and up for the 18. I had the whole bottom bed to myself: 18 was the bed above! I could actually sleep!

This was a relaxing, smooth journey in 2nd class AC. Very civilised. Of course, the train repeatedly stopped or slowed down, sometimes for no reason other than to let food sellers on. There was a steady and plentiful supply of masala chai, veg/non-veg food, drinks and Indian sweets. It was the Indian equivalent of “we have a variety of light snacks, sandwiches and hot and cold beverages” πŸ˜„

We eventually pulled into Goa 2.5 hours late. It had taken a leisurely 8.5 hours to cover 300km! In India, it helps if you enjoy the journey πŸ˜„

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