Can we have two golds?

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics ended, I was reminded of the London 2012 games . I remember how excited everyone around me was. And when the opening ceremony celebrated the best of British, it heralded what would be a wonderful Olympics. The demand for tickets at London 2012 was high. Of the tickets I applied … Continue reading Can we have two golds?

London 2012

Pictures from the Olympics Games in London 2012. View photos London 2012


In 2006, I went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Morioka and the their surrounding regions, visiting cities and hiking with other Japanese people. Japan is one of my favourite countries and I would love to return there. View photos Japan

Cradling sun

During my trip to USA in 2019, I met Ajeet in San Francisco and visited him in Berkeley. You can read about it here. I was delighted when he sent me the above photo, which he took at Albany Bulb. This is a photo he’d tried to capture many times without satisfactory results — until … Continue reading Cradling sun

London Loop – sections 22, 23, 24

After a six-month lockdown break, we finally resumed the London Loop. These three legs (from Harold Wood to Purfleet) are the end stages although we have more to do since we’ve not walked the Loop sequentially. This walk was straightforward, flat and passed without incident. The last time we were in this neck of the … Continue reading / view photos London Loop – sections 22, 23, 24

Woolly mammoth in King’s Cross

Of the many hidden London walks we did during lockdown, the King’s Cross and Camden walk was surprisingly educational despite us being familiar with that neck of the woods. It’s easy to think that places you are familiar with could have been any different. The Notting Hill walk revealed that pigs were once farmed there. … Continue reading / view photos Woolly mammoth in King’s Cross

No one makes mugs of AC-12!

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Line of Duty, series 6. We waited until series 6 finished before watching all the episodes on consecutive nights. The precarious part of waiting was avoiding all the spoilers. Everyone was talking about the new series! After seeing the last episode, we were watching GoggleBox, which was covering the … Continue reading No one makes mugs of AC-12!

Chips on the beach

Ever since the film Bhaji on the Beach came out, people who’ve seen it know about Indians taking coach trips to the British seaside. During my childhood, our annual holiday consisted of a day-trip to the seaside. The Indian community in North London hired a coach and, once a year, descended on some beach, such … Continue reading / view photos Chips on the beach

Cholera in Lambeth

I’ve spent much of this past winter’s lockdown doing walks from the excellent London’s Hidden Walks series of books. This walk covered Lambeth and Vauxhall. On our walk, we saw another couple with their Hidden Walks book. One of the themes of these walks has been that, despite living in London all my life, there … Continue reading / view photos Cholera in Lambeth


In 2004, I visited Peru: Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lima and a long trip through the Amazon. It was the first time I saw the delightful hummingbirds. View photos Peru