Running with Kenyans

The Kenyan runner Kipchoge won his third London Marathon yesterday. Coincidentally, I just finished reading Running with Kenyans. I found the book inspiring and the Kenyan love of running infectious. The author of the book went looking for the secret of why Kenyan runners are so good: “For six months I’ve been piecing together the … Continue reading Running with Kenyans

Vaccine Race

This is a fascinating and easily digestible book about vaccines and a timely reminder of how they have saved millions of lives and prevented lifelong debilitating illnesses.

London by night

London by night is a beautiful sight 😊 View photos London by night

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

This is a delightful, humourous story of a lonely, quirky woman who overcomes traumatic childhold loss, with the help of newfound friends, and makes us look afresh at societal norms.

Kew Gardens

Another lovely day at Kew Gardens 😊 View photos Kew Gardens

Open House weekend

Despite being born and bred in London, I learnt so much at Open House by visiting a few of the places on show. I thoroughly recommend it for next year if you’ve not tasted the hidden delights of London 😊 View photos Open House weekend

Regent Street

Seen yesterday…

Hokusai – productive til the end

I was very lucky to have bought a couple of tickets for the sellout Hokusai exhibition at the British Museum. Hokusai was an incredible artist who continued to produce great works until his death at 90! View photos Hokusai – productive til the end

Regent Street art

Seen just oef Regent St yesterday whilst shopping for Gucci handbag 😉

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

A mixture of stuff but definitely worth a visit 😊 View photos Royal Academy Summer Exhibition