Skopje, Macedonia

The only Macedonian words you need to know 🙂

Underbelly Festival

Watching Closer by Circa (

The science of emoji

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Knebworth Woods

The kindness of strangers… I lost my mobile phone today. I was walking with Sara and the Outdoor Adventure Club around a sunny Knebworth looking at the delightful bluebells now out in abundance in many of the surrounding woods. When we’d almost finished the walk, I realised I didn’t have my phone on me. The … Continue reading / view photos Knebworth Woods


One for film fans: an entertaining and informative summary of Hitchcock’s life and films. Read article

Song antonyms

What if The Smiths realised that every lumination eventually terminates?


The Icelandic gods arranged this on my birthday 🙂

Lumiere London

Lights, camera, … Lumiere London View photos Lumiere London

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It was taken in Japan when we were walking up a mountain that the Japanese walk up as part of the festival of the dead. We were the only non-Japanese doing the walk – and they were surprised and really friendly.